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Three builders have to work together to build a tower. Drei is a game for iPad and iPhone.
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Drei is an award-winning game about skill, logic and collaboration. It connects players across the world, to help each other in the battle against gravity.
Drei Gameplay Drei Gameplay Drei Gameplay Drei Gameplay
Build a Tower
The mission is simple. But once again, things get in the way... Explosives, thunderstorms, completely incompetent colleagues. Oh, and did we mention gravity?
Awards and Reviews
Awards Selection
"If you've wanted to relieve the same thrill of making friends and suddenly losing them again like you do in Journey — and make precarious stacks of shapes at the same time — Drei is your game. It's a very crisp take on physics puzzles with the surprise addition of 3-player co-op."

"It's the only iPad game to ever make me consider my relationship with humanity."

"I can honestly say that — having taken Drei for a long spin over this past weekend — there's nothing stopping me from highly recommending it to others. From the art style to Drei's gameplay mechanics, subtle but enchanting sound effects, and even its replayability, it's definitely one game to check out."

"It's an innovatively designed game, that fascinates with a stunning concept of teamwork being turned into gameplay and the madness that comes with it."

Speaking 18 Languages
Drei features an universal communication tool which allows to speak to other players, from wherever they are.

Drei supports the following languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Rhaeto-Romanic, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Swiss-German and Turkish.

Play Drei on your iPad
Made for the iPad and iPhone
Drei plays beautifully on the iPad and the iPhone. From the beginning it was engineered and optimized for Apple's devices, taking advantage of the intuitive touch controls, the pretty display, and the possibility to use the screen vertically.

Drei Orchestra
Let's Dance!
One of the best thing about Drei is how it sounds. Each character has its very own instrument. And as the characters work together they form Drei's unique universal orchestra, creating their very own musical landscape, inspired by archaic instruments and ancient melodies.

All instruments were performed and recorded live with some of Switzerland's finest musicians, painstakingly sliced apart, considered, and finally carefully placed between a lot of 0's and 1's.
Drei Team
Award-winning Team
Behind Drei stands a small and fine team. Previous titles from the makers of Drei have been awarded with a bunch of fancy trophies: Cannes Gold Lion, GDC Best in Play, Webbys, as well as being nominated for Visual Excellence at the IGF.

Illustration by Gefe.
Uber Swiss Design
Drei is designed to be as universal as possible. However, in a strange way it's also very Swiss, where it was made. Clean typography, minimalism with attention to detail. It's Swiss Design heritage, we can't deny it.
Technical Excellence
Even though it's not visible, it's the technical stuff too that makes this game special. Drei is the first real-time multiplayer iPad game with advanced physics and 3D rendering, as far as we know, taking mobile gaming to the next level.
"Drei is the only iPad game to ever make me consider my relationship with humanity."
Get Drei now
Get Drei now
Support / Comments
If you need help please e-mail drei@etter.co and we will get back to you as quick as possible.

If you like to share thoughts, have experienced a bug, or have ideas how to improve Drei, please do also write to the e-mail address mentioned above. Thank you.

To play the iOS version you will need an iPad 2 (or later), iPhone 4S (or later) or an iPod 4 (or later). To play in multiplayer modus you will need a steady internet connection.

To play the free trial version on a Mac you will need OS X 10.2.8 or newer. On PC it requires Windows 2000/XP/Vista, or newer. You can play it with a newer version of Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

Spread the Love
If you like Drei please help to spread it across the globe! Become Drei's friend on Facebook. Or write a review on iTunes. We're thanking in advance! ♥

For press inquiries please get in touch with Etter Studio directly.

Do I always need to be connected to the internet to play Drei?
No. But it's more fun to play with others. And some levels need more than one player to be solved.

What does the wireless icon mean?
It means that you are not connected to the internet, or that the connection from you to our nearest server is not fast enough or interrupted. In any case you can still play Drei, but not in multiplayer mode.

Who are these other guys in the game?
They are other players. They play Drei too, somewhere else in the world, together with you, at the same time.

And if prefer to play alone?
Switch off your internet connection and play by your self.

Why can't I change my character?
It's like in real life, you're born a certain way, there is not much you can do about it.
What does the "Reincarnation" button do?
It resets the game to the very begining. All levels are locked again and you might be born as a different character.

Why is my language missing?
Probably because we haven't translated it. But if you like you can help us to translate it. Get in touch.

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